Where we started

On April 7, 2010, Jean-Noël Marty, mountaineering guide dies in an avalanche. A few months earlier he had made a trip to Nepal. He had come with the idea to financially and emotionally support the young Ngawang in her desire to become a doctor. To make her project a reality, family and friends have taken over, creating the association “Support for projects of young Nepalis Association Jean-Noël MARTY” in 2011.

A few months after Jean-Noel’s death, we managed to get in touch with Ngawang. She’s married and has a daughter, Tsering. In view of her family’s situation, the association decides to help Tsering, when she gets in the age to start school. In the mean time, we decide to help other children.

Our first contacts with Nepal were initiated by the association “Montagne et Partage” (Mountain and sharing) which Ludovic CHALLEAT presented to us
. This association has already a well developed local network, particularly with the presence of an official correspondent in Nepal: Pemba Sherpa.


Olivier Marty, nephew of Jean-Noël, met Pemba Sherpa in 2013. At this occasion, Pemba presented him the story of two little girls who needed help financing their tuition. Particularly affected by the situation of Ganga Tamang, we decided to sponsor this young 13 year old daughter and thus delivering our first project.

Map of Nepal with location of the Langtang area, where we help children

Composition of the Association
BoardChair: Céline MICHALLAT
Vice Chair: Amélie MARTY
Treasurer: Nicole MARTY
Secretary: Frédérique BIHLER

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